What is the Gamebook?

The GameBook is a resource that aims to support the use and design of serious games with detailed guidance. Each section talks through major topics around the use or design of serious games, supported with tasks, questions, and multiple examples.

Everything within the GameBook supports the two central goals of this resource:

  1. Provide a resource for researchers, developers, and practitioners to begin utilising or designing their own serious games.
  2. Expand the conversation for how serious games for climate adaptation and resilience building are designed.

Who is the GameBook for?

The GameBook acts like designerly glue between domain expertise and development. Do you have expert knowledge of climate adaptation or skills in software development, but are unsure of how to effectively use or design serious games? Then the GameBook is designed for you. By the end, beginners should better understand how to use serious games and design their own games.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the GameBook early, join the GamEngage network here to receive news and updates about the project! Otherwise the project is anticipated to be released in 2023.

What topics does the GameBook cover?

  • Using Serious Games – For those who wish to utilise serious games to support their goals, this might include educators, researchers, or moderators.
    • Goals of Play
    • Selecting a Game
    • Game Facilitation
  • Designing Serious Games – For those who wish to develop a serious game, from widespread digital applications to bespoke physical board games (and everything in between).
    • Game Content & Themes
    • Mechanics is the Message
    • Remember the Player
    • Strategies for Shifting Attitudes